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The longer a seller's home is on the market, the less attractive the home becomes to buyers. The best way to sell your home is to price it right, prepare it for sale, hire the best listing agent and attract that excited home buyer who will offer top dollar in record time.  

Pricing your home is a combination marrying analytical statistics to emotional appeal and market movement. You do not want to overprice your home or try to "test the market."  You may have to take the personal emotions of your home out of the equation and consider your home a “house”, a marketable commodity of real estate and realize that your commodity will bring you financial gain in which you can re-invest possibly into another property.  This will only happen if your home is priced right.

A good real estate agent can make or break your deal. You want to hire the best real estate agent you can find, which means hiring an agent who will put your interests first, above his or her own.  Effective marketing is more than sticking a sign in the yard. Successful agents with the help of their sellers utilize dozens of marketing techniques to draw the largest pool of buyers.

Here in the Victor Valley we have a very competitive market with very good prices.  I suggest that if you plan to sell, be prepared to sell at the best market price, have your home clean and free of “clutter” and make any minor repairs that you think are necessary.  You want the “best” house with the “best” selling price.

Once your house is sold prepare for your next adventure!

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